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Aloha from Aloka

aloka [aa-loh-kaa] 
Origin: Sanskrit, Pali
Meaning: Light, Vision, View

Aloka means light in Sanskrit and Pali. It also means vision, view or a look. At we build technologies that enable you to look at problems in a new light and leverage edge AI to derive insights.

What is Edge AI

In a typical cloud AI solution, data is generated by a sensor like a camera and data is sent to the cloud based server. The cloud server executes an AI algorithm to infer information from the data. In Edge AI, the AI algorithm is executed close to the sensor that produces data.

Driverless cars are an example of edge AI. A series of cameras, radars, lidars generate data which processed on board and the car control decides on the next action.

Benefits of Edge AI

Edge AI has some key advantages over normal AI solutions

  1. Bandwidth optimisation: Imagine a set of CCTV cameras that constantly have to send data to cloud based servers and where they have to be analysed. A single camera can generate over a terabyte of data in one month. With an Edge solution the required bandwidth could be less than 1 MB. The bandwidth cost would several orders of magnitude lower
  2. Accuracy: Transmitting live data from a sensor to a server may cause a loss of data. In case of remote cameras, one can notice lost frames regularly. Lossy transmission can lead to loss of key business information.
  3. Latency: Latency is time between the event occurrence till the system recognising the occurrence. Some applications like an emergency response system in a factory can not afford any latency. An edge based solution will result in a much lower latency than a cloud based application.
  4. Server cost: Cloud servers can cost a bomb. System where the servers have to analyse data coming from a large number of servers will have to provision for receiving raw data, running algorithms on it and saving the inference. An edge based solution reduces the amount of data that has to be saved and processed. This simplifies the complexity of system and reduce the cloud costs dramatically

There are several benefits to leveraging AI at the edge. It can lead to better accuracy at a lower cost.

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